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Mike Jones

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Mike Jones Minute-Con 6/19/24

Mike Jones Minute-Con 6/18/24

Are you brave enough for Still Wakes The Deep and the viral marketing has begun for Longlegs! Find out what's happening in the #MikeJonesMinuteCon. 

Mike Jones Minute-Con 6/13/24

Underwater Animal Crossing and Seth's band has been cut! We'll talk about it all in the #MikeJonesMinuteCon.

Mike Jones Minute-Con 6/12/24

The Boys returns tomorrow and from Hotel to Motel Transylvania! Get it with today's #MikeJonesMinuteCon.

Johnny Ferraro Talks About The Return Of American Gladiators

American Gladiators is coming back to Amazon Prime Video and the show's creator, Johnny Ferraro, joined me to talk all about it! We discussed the hunt for new Contenders (which could be you at AmericanGladiatorCasting.com), what it takes to be a great Contender, the games that will be returning and what other ones we will see and how a Gladiator really has to live the life 24/7!

If you want to apply to be a Contender, show them what you've got at AmericanGladiatorCasting.com!

Mike Jones Minute-Con 6/11/24

A big loss for Marvel and Kristen Stewart is going to tv! Find out what's up in the #MikeJonesMinuteCon.

Mike Jones Minute-Con 6/10/24

Plenty of big video game announcements between the Summer Game Fest and the XBOX Showcase to talk about in the #MikeJonesMinuteCon!

Mike Jones Minute-Con 6/7/24

The most realistic shooter game ever is out and 40 years of Ghostbusters this weekend! We'll talk about everything in the #MikeJonesMinuteCon.

Mike Jones Minute-Con 6/6/24

Dave Bautista's next movie and how much for one Star Wars toy!? Get everything in today's #MikeJonesMinuteCon!

Mike Jones Minute-Con 6/5/24

Who wins with Homelander vs. Superman and Banana is a hit. Find out about everything in the #MikeJonesMinuteCon!