There's Going to Be a Hello Kitty Movie

One of my favorite toys as a little little Robin was a talking Hello Kitty. My parents (or maybe just my dad, he took us to Toys R Us a lot) got this for me when I was three. She had a string on her back that you pulled and she would say sweet things like, "I'm your best friend." I pulled that string a lot and she started to slur. This was truly the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

So, when I read that there will FINALLY be a Hello Kitty movie...ok, I'm 36 and excited.

Via Deadline:

EXCLUSIVE: New Line has setLindsey Beerto writeHello Kitty, the movie based on the iconic Sanrio pop culture brand. Plot details are being kept under wraps, but the film will be designed for four quadrant global audience appeal.

The studio andBeau Flynnand his FlynnPictureCo banner made a deal last March to produce a film with Sanrio. It was the first time such a deal got made outside Japan in the brand’s 45-year history. Hello Kitty began in 1974, introduced on a coin purse and it quickly became a global phenomenon, sold in 130 countries on more than 50,000 different branded products each year.

The task of shaping the brand into a narrative falls to Beer, who co-founded the company Known Universe with fellow tent pole scribesNicole PerlmanandGeneva Robertson-Dworet. The newly formed production company, which will come aboard as executive producer, specializes in major IP and universe building, and the writers are are highly sought after. Pictures they had a hand in writing include Marvel’sGuardians Of The Galaxy(Perlman),Captain Marvel(Perlman & Robertson-Dworet), Warner Bros.’Pokemon Detective Pikachu(Perlman) and MGM’sTomb Raider(Robertson-Dworet).

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So, expect my grown ass in a movie theater soon watching a Hello Kitty movie. I drink out of Hello Kitty wine glasses for God's sake...there is no way I'm not gonna get kind of sloshed and go see this and cry.

Here's a video with the woman who designed Kitty from the 35th anniversary!



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