Happy Birthday, Brendon Urie!

I mean this so much....I am beyond thrilled for all of the great things that have happened for Brendon Urie. He's just a good human who gets to do the thing he loves and he deserves all of the success.

I was fortunate enough to talk to the Panic! at the Disco front man about five years ago. It was my most unprepared interview and-hands down-my best.

We talked about a lot of stuff, but you can tell that the dude is just good in life. I'm proud of him! I don't mean to say "I" so much, seriously. He's just not here to talk for himself, haha.

Whether he's doing band stuff, Broadway, supporting his fans, or yelling at his puppet counterpart, Brendon is kicking ass in life and deserves everything he's accomplished.

Check out the entire interview via IHeartRadio below or watch a shorter version in audio form.



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