Say What? Keaunu Reeves Was Stranded at Meadows Field This Weekend?

I just did a double take at this story and did a "bwa bwhaaaaaaa?"

Keanu Reeves' commercial flight had to do an emergency landing at Meadows Field. What a sentence, right? It was true, though!

Via Robert Price at

Reeves, 54, was aboard a United/SkyWest flight from San Francisco to Burbank that made an emergency landing Saturday in Bakersfield due to "mechanical indication," according toTime.comand other sources.

Several passengers shot video of the bearded, ball cap-wearing film star, who stepped up to help with travel arrangements and then took a van with other passengers to their final destination in Los Angeles because it was quicker to drive than fly.

A-One Taxi, headquartered at the William M. Thomas Terminal, deployed 10 vans to take all of the passengers home, so only a handful of them were able to rideshare with Reeves, according to Kern County Airports Director Mark Witsoe. The Grapevine was experiencing serious traffic delays at the time, so the caravan went by way of Tehachapi, according to Witsoe.

"So even after they landed they had issues," Witsoe said.

Along the way, Reeves dryly read fun facts about Bakersfield from his phone to his fellow passengers, according to Yahoo News. “Its population is around 380,000," he informed them at one point, "making it the ninth most populous city in California and the 52nd most populous city in the nation." Then he played some tunes from the Bakersfield Sound, the city's trademark brand of country music of the 1950s-'70s, on his mobile phone.

Man, sometimes we get little surprises like that. PLEASE read the whole story over at the Bakersfield Californian website HERE!


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