Karen O And Danger Mouse Perform 'Woman' On 'Colbert': Watch

Karen O and Danger Mouse recently released a collaborative album Lux Prima and on Monday night (March 18) brought their single "Woman" to The Late Show With Stephen Colbert stage. Instead of the typical late show performance, the duo opted to film a "live music video" directed by Spike Jonze. Shot in high-contrast black and white, the choreographed set focused mainly on the Yeah Yeah Yeahs front woman and a troupe of female dancers, which included Lady Bird star Beanie Feldstein. The video was filmed with one camera, opting for a continuous shot aesthetic as the dancers adoringly surround themselves around Karen. At one point, the camera pans to the audience, and we see an enthusiastic Colbert dancing along to the prompts Karen and the ladies are giving to the crowd.

Watch Karen O and Danger Mouse's unique "Woman" performance below.

This isn't the first time Karen and Jonze have collaborated together. She's also contributed music to his films Where The Wild Things Are and Her, and he has directed music videos including Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Y Control" back in 2009.

Jonze is also a frequent collaborator with the Beastie Boys and will be heading on the road with Mike D and Ad Rock to direct their upcoming Beastie Boys Story tour.

Photo: YouTube

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