Bakersfield-Opoly: A Bakersfield-themed Monopoly

Country music. Basque food. The Fox Theater. These are things Bakersfield is "known" for, so I guess it makes sense that someone made a Bakersfield version of Monopoly! 

Via Stefani Dias at The Bakersfield Californian: In BAKERSFIELD-OPOLY, players can purchase the aforementioned properties as well as Dewar's Candy Shop, Rabobank Arena, California Living Museum and more. Even more public spaces such as the Kern River, Lake Ming and the Panorama Bluffs are up for grabs. You can even stake your claim to the Bakersfield Sound (move aside, Buck and Merle).

It could be close to selling out, though, so get more info on how you can find this celebration of Bakersfield HERE! 

I can't tell from looking, but I hope there's a mention of Korn somewhere. Everyone from out of town that I meet, immediately asks me about Korn. British dudes running a candy shop in New York even asked. So, I mean...better be some Korn action here. 

Also from The Bakersfield Californian, a glimpse to what the board looks like:


Photo credit: The Bakersfield Californian
Photo credit: The Bakersfield Californian


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