Wanna Be in a Movie? Here's Your Chance!

Kern County is a great place to shoot a movie or TV show (remember last year with Westworld?), so this is pretty cool! If you want an opportunity to get your mug on the big screen, this may be what you're wanting!

Via KGET.com:

Sande Alessi Casting, the same casting directors of Argo, Pirates of The Caribbean, CSI, Glee and  Austin Powers are currently casting featured extras for an unknown movie.

The open casting call is scheduled for Sunday, Aug. 26 at The DoubleTree Hotel.

There is no experience necessary, according to the casting director. They are looking for men and woman 18 and older to fill a variety of roles:

Upscale men and women for a formal scene, fighter types, coaches, referees, security guards, gorgeous women of all ages, upscale businessmen and all types and ethnicities are needed for the film, all over the age of 18 with valid social security number.

So, it could be a FANCY film. Who knows? Give it a shot! You can get more info HERE or below in the casting director's Facebook post:


Update: If you need actual TIMES to be there for this, here is some additional info. Thank you to Gretchin Michelle Heath for the heads up! <3 


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