I Need a Hobby, You Need Tickets.

You know, I can admit when I've been in a rut. Lately, I've been the butt of the rut. It's nothing uncommon, we all go through stuff like this. I spend a good chunk on my day thinking about my job, even when I am NOT working. While the simple solution would be, "Take a vacation," it isn't that easy. I could preoccupy myself with looking at news and social media online, but we all know how that is going these days. Sleep can't be considered a hobby, though I can tell you how much I truly love doing it.

So, your question of the week is:

What are YOUR hobbies? Anything extravagant? Quiet? I'm looking for something inexpensive and legal personally, but you do you. Let me know what YOUR hobbies are via e-mail at RobinJones2@IHeartMedia.com by Friday at 5 p.m. In the process, you'll  have a chance to choose your tickets! Hawthorne Heights at 1933, WWE in Bakersfield next week, or Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk!  Make sure to include your date of birth, phone number, and choice of tickets (so we can make the process of possibly winning so much quicker). 

Winners will be chosen at random. 


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