America's Last Woolworth Diner is in Bakersfield!

If you've lived in Bakersfield or Kern County, you probably already know about this place: Woolworth's. Half antique mall, half diner, completely nostalgic. I myself have spent many hours wandering around in that place, looking at old records, comics, toys that I wish I had growing up, and-honestly-some pieces that seem reminiscent of regrettable history. However, the main standout of Woolworth's in Bakersfield is its luncheonette! 

Eater Los Angeles recently did a story on the Bakersfield business and made sure to point out that, yes, Bakersfield's is the last of its kind:

Today many American Woolworth buildings have been demolished outright or reconstructed into mixed-use office buildings or condos, though some still carry the brass and marble lettering of its original intent. At the Five & Dime Antique Mall the history of the building is on full display, with original light-up Woolworth’s Luncheonette signs hanging over the entrances. Inside the Formica is still as spiffy as ever, though the metal chairs creak with the weight of a hundred years.

For what it's WORTH (h'yuck, get it?), the burgers are fantastic. They're simple, not overly priced, and exactly what you may need on your lunch break. I'm so happy that this Bakersfield landmark is getting some attention! Check out Eater's article HERE!

You can also check out some history behind the brand in this video below, courtesy of NorCalCorsello:



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