Music Notes-Discussing the Greatness of Gorillaz

You may know my buddy Chris from back in the day when I had a co-host for a day contest. Since then, he and I have become great friends and like to dork out about music and movies together. In an attempt to keep that dorking out alive, I decided to start having friends in to talk about music. Music Notes is all about picking bands, albums, song, etc. and taking and comparing notes on the subject. 

Here, Chris and I discuss Demon Days from Gorillaz, how I really feel about Ike Turner, Danger Mouse being gold, and rare instances of seeing the band in concert. Have a listen below! And be sure to check out Chris (and Donnie and Cory) on the More Gooder Than podcast, where they discuss the good and bad of cinema HERE


Don't have the IHeartRadio app? Get it HERE! You can also listen to this and previous bits of audio silliness HERE.


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