After School Band from Wasco Covers Nirvana!

Can I just tell you how friggin' GREAT this is? Eddie Crane organized an after school band with his students in Wasco! Meet Second 2 None! Via their Facebook page: "We are a real live working third grade band. By day we work on our schooling and after 2:00 we rehearse for two hours a day. We are the real school of rock." I. Love. This. I know a lot of schools don't get to have after school programs or even music programs. These kids are 1) learning the classics (yeah, Nirvana IS classic), 2) having an activity after school, and 3) able to express themselves with music.

Check out their cover of "Smells Like Teen Spirit," then go check out Second 2 None on Facebook HERE!  

Kurt would be DELIGHTED to see this! 



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