That Time the Beastie Boys Scared Dick Clark

Long, looooooong ago there was a program called American Bandstand. I used to watch my mom's anniversary tape of this show. Dick Clark? No one? Ask your parents.

So, back in 1987 Beastie Boys performed "You Gotta Fight for Your Right (to Party) on the show, but....well, it was all lip-synced:

Via Diffuser: “We had to [perform] to a tape,” Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz told Morning Call. “We couldn’t play it live, so we threw our mikes on the ground and wrecked them.”

I mean, I can see why they decided to goof off since they couldn't perform live. Apparently, Dick Clark claimed that they insulted his wife and stole a phone from his office, too. Beastie Boys denied that, but maybe Dick Clark was just a little terrified of these guys. I think it's hilarious. 

Also, they thing they were censored for? A crotch grab. Yep. I would have sworn that it had to do with saying "porno." Read more on this over HERE!



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