We Miss You, Ziggy...

It's hard to express feelings for my little Ziggy on the computer. If you see me in person I can't get a word out without balling.

I was once a person that didn't get it, I would say "it's just a dog, how upset can you be...?" Well, I found out the hard way on Friday, March 9th at 1:05pm. We had to put down our tub of love, Ziggy. 

He had prostate cancer and it got him hard and fast. We found out on Thursday and they said it's one of the rarest cases they've ever seen and that he was in a TON of pain. The best thing to do was to let him go in peace. And we did that... 

If you ever had the opportunity and pleasure to be around Ziggy you know how much me meant to me and my wife and..... Sorry, how much HE meant to me and my wife. I dont know why I didnt just fix that, instead I'm typing my edits as if this was a typewriter. That's how off I am....

Ziggy was more than a dog to me, for some reason losing him has been the hardest thing in life. He was one of the soulmates in my life and that's essentially the reason I'm crushed. I lost part of my heart and soul this week.

If you recently lost a pet, I feel you. Thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Ziggy was such a kind and wonderful soul. He will be forever missed. I love you Ziggy, always and forever.

Check out a pic of my lil guy from my IG:

Scuba Steve

Scuba Steve

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