Alternative News! How Do YOU Feel About Spanking?

Alternative News is exactly that, something alternative to what we normally talk about on KRAB. For example, the last time we talked about Kelly Clarkson was....never. That is until today in 'Alternative News.'

In the interview below Kelly talks about growing up in Texas and how spanking was very common. She personally doesn't see issues with spanking, in fact she spanks her kids. NOT in a viscous way tho, she warns her children that if they keep acting up she'll "spank them."

I myself, was raised with spanking. I only received about three to four in my lifetime, buuuut that was all I needed to understand that I shouldn't do whatever it was that I was doing. Very similar to Kelly, it wasn't in my opinion a form of abuse. My parents only did it to correct a behavioral problem, because lets face it... "time out" didn't do a damn thing haha

NOW, if you were to ask me IF I would consider spanking my future children? At the moment I don't have an answer. I will say that, IF I were to spank it would be with my hand... NOT a wooden spoon, belt or switch from a tree (similar to what I experienced growing up).

Check out the interview below and hit me with your thoughts.... (but not too hard ;) HA!)

Scuba Steve

Scuba Steve

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