FEEL GOOD STORY! Kids Replace Classmate’s Stolen...

This 'Feel Good Story' comes to us from where I use to live up in the Bay Area, Antioch! Now, this is supposed to be a 'Feel Good Story,' buuuuut I do have one observation, I know, I know.... The good stuff first:

Shawn had his Nintendo 3DS stolen from him at school, the gaming console was given to him by his late grandmother. He wrote on the school's white board explaining the gaming console was very precious to him and said that he wouldnt tell anyone who took it if they would just return it.

One of Shawn's classmates noticed that no one was coming forward, so she decided to collect donations to buy Shawn a new Nintendo 3DS XL. And when one of their teachers heard the plan, she offered to pay the difference if they didn't collect enough money.

Long story short, the students raised the money and the teacher came through with the difference and bought the new gaming console... In the IG video below you can see the amazing reaction from Shawn and his classmates! Very cool! (my observation is coming......)

Click HERE for the full story and check out the video below that the girls sister posted on her IG:


Very cool, buuuuuuuut...... I know it's a 'Feel Good Story,' and YES, what these kids did was amazing! I'm not taking away from that, I wanna point out something about Shawn.

I know that when we were kids going to school you could NOT bring any kind of electronics to class, especially something like a freakin' NINTENDO! They were NOT allowed on campus.

The reason being....... someone WILL take it from you, OR you'll leave it and forget it, it'll get broken... Every excuse under the sun can turn into reality when you bring your Nintendo to school. My parents wouldn't allow us to bring them and the school also didn't allow us to bring them. So why is this any different now? Case in point, his got stolen....JUST LIKE MY MOM said it would for us, it happened to him.

I'm going to leave it there and let you decide for yourself.... haha Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal! ;)

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