FEEL GOOD STORY! Kid Gives Up His Candy On Halloween....

Last week we talked about the guy who on Halloween jacked candy from someones front porch. AND...he wasn't even dressed up! Check out that video below:

NOW, this week we have someone on the opposite end of the spectrum and they are in today's 'Feel Good Story.'

This 11 year old is a much better human than the guy above... On Halloween when this kid went up to grab some candy from a bowl, he noticed that it was empty. That's when he decided to give up some of his own candy for some kids who were coming up behind him. VERY COOL! Check out the video that was posted to Facebook and is now circulating the internet! Watch:

When someone steals all the candy and then this happens! If anyone knows this kid or his mom please message me! #somepeopleareamazing

Posted by Jesse Robertson on Wednesday, November 1, 2017
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Scuba Steve

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