Check Out The Progress On Our Pumpkin Seeds!!!

What started out with us just being flat out busy, tired and lazy.... Has turned into something pretty dope!

So first we cleaned our pumpkin seeds after a carving party we had at our house, left them in the sink for a few days. Then this happened:

My wife gave me the okay, we kept them in the sink for a few more days and then this happened:

And NOW fast forward a few weeks later, we now have THIS growing in our kitchen sink:

I knew this was coming, it was only a matter of time before that ONE question was coming... And she finally asked it last night, "sooooooo what's your plane with these things?!" HA!

That basically means, "ummmm what in the HELL are you gonna do here? Throw them away, plant them? Do something fast or I'll throw this thing out..." ;)

So now I'm trying to find the best place to plant these guys. We don't have a backyard or even a front yard, so we can't plant them at our house. I'm thinking either I plant these at work, see if anyone has any problems with them OR find a quiet place somewhere deep in the woods and check on them every once in a while. Thoughts?

Scuba Steve

Scuba Steve

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