Our Pumpkin Gave BIRTH!!! Check This Out.....

Our pumpkin may have died, BUT Mr. Jack-O-Lantern created LIFE!!!

Most people like to clean the seeds and then bake them in the oven, we'll we do too... BUT we got lazy after we cleaned the seeds and left them in the sink. They sat there for days, and eventually roots started popping out of the seeds (see article below for the first set of pics).

NOW it's been a little over a week and we have MULTIPLE sprouts! Essentially we'll have our very own pumpkin patch by next year ;) You're more than welcome to pick up a few for free haha

Check out the pic I took last night on my IG:

Our pumpkin gave birth!!! Check out our wacky accidental science experiment 🎃 Also, I can't believe that Kim is allowing me to do this in our sink 😂

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Below are the pics from earlier in the week...

Scuba Steve

Scuba Steve

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