#AYFKM?!? Check Out What Starbucks Straws 'Recommend'....

I'm someone you would call an 'observer.' I like to sit back, relax, people watch and take note on things that most don't acknowledge. For example, the straws you get at Starbucks...

I'm pretty sure a while back they did NOT have this note, "Not Recommended For Use In Hot Beverages."

Ummmmmm ARE YOU F***ING KIDDING ME?!? (#AYFKM)... Do we REALLY need a reminder that putting a PLASTIC STRAW in a hot beverage is not a good idea?! You guys DO understand why we shouldn't do this, right?

It's thin plastic, you put that in a 100+ degree hot coffee, it's going to MELT! WHY would anyone on planet earth need a friendly reminder? Anyways, the next time you go to Starbucks, take note of their staws hahaha

Scuba Steve

Scuba Steve

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