#AmericanIdiot! Roommate Put TOILET WATER In Her 'Friends' Water Bottles...

This is AWFUL!!! I'm all about pranks and getting back at friends for something that they did to you, BUT when it comes to seriously harming someone... NO THANKS! And that's what happened in today's #AmericanIdiot!

20 year old Tierni goes to TSU and she is accused of filling her roommates water bottles with TOILET WATER! Her roommate said she was dealing with a "decline in her health status consisting of weight loss, appetite suppression, and diarrhea and did not know the reasoning why.”

That was until Tierni was caught posting videos online showing her put toilet water in her roommates water bottles.... EW! SO WRONG!

Click HERE for the full story and check out the video below for more details....

Scuba Steve

Scuba Steve

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