SNES Classic Edition Drops TOMORROW! Here's Where You Can Buy...

It's as if Christmas is coming months early!!! Tomorrow you can purchase the classic Super Nintendo at a few retailers around town for only $79.99. There is a catch........ you have to go old school and actually GO INTO A STORE TO BUY IT! I Know!!! hahahaha

For me? I'm fine with this, I LOVE going into a store, looking around, getting lost, talking to some people along the way, actually physically holding the item I want, go to the register, use my debit card, and walk out that very same moment with my item. In this case it will be the SNES!

Retailers like Best Buy, Target and Game Stop will have these on hand tomorrow. Target will be your best bet as they will have about 300 per store and other retailers will only get about 50.

Click HERE for all the details! Below is an unboxing video, enjoy...

Scuba Steve

Scuba Steve

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