You HAVE To See This Grocery List....

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Anyone have MAJOR anxiety when they have to hit the grocery store to pick up stuff for your wife, family or even yourself?

In my house, the roles are sorta reversed... I'm the cook and typically I go to the store a lot on my own to pick items up from the grocery store. My wife goes on the BIG Costco restock trips, but I handle all the filler shopping to complete some of my dinner meals.

I know that growing up my dad was the WORST at going to the grocery store, the WORST! He was a grill master, sucked in the kitchen and was useless at Publix (grocery store in the south where I grew up). I bet if he had this list, he'd be able to do more....

You HAVE to see how this wife makes it super easy for her husband and his shopping list. She draws pictures, writes out very detailed descriptions of what to look for, INCREDIBLE!

Click HERE for the full story and check out Era's tweet in her Twitter post below:

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