#AYFKM?!? Bakersfield Mom Upset How The School Handled Her Autistic Son...

I saw this last night on 23 ABC and it REALLY got me going. Kiersten Page has a 6 year old with autism, he goes to Longfellow Elementary school right here in Bakersfield. Last week her son became frustrated with an activity at school and threw himself on the ground. Reports are claiming that the staff put him in a "seat restraint"..... #AYFKM?!? (Are You F***ing Kidding Me) A SEAT RESTRAINT?!?

As you can imagine Kiersten is pretty upset mostly because the school didn't contact her until the following day! The school is required to reach out to parents within that school day, but they failed to do so and now she's looking to remove her child from Longfellow Elementary.

She says that the principal and the school district are working with her to try and resolve the issue, but she is not happy with the teacher and the teacher's assistant. Check out the full story and the video below from 23 ABC.

What are your thoughts?

Scuba Steve

Scuba Steve

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