FEEL GOOD STORY! Girl Opens Lemonade Stand To Pay Off Lunch Debts...

(Photo courtesy of Amiah Van Hill's mother, Rachel.)

Growing up I had NO idea the financial status of my family, my mother was a single mom with four kids and thank GOD she had my grandparents around while we were growing up. My Nana and Papa were always there for us and everyday before we got out of the car my Papa would pull change out of his pocket and hold up his hand and say "grab one quarter and a dime!"

When we were kids we had NO idea why we had to bring change for lunch, but we did... Wellllll we had an idea once we got to lunch and saw all the other kids with their fully packed lunches from home or the kids who could afford the pizza and treats from the regular line. We on the other hand had to go to what was basically known as the "poor kids line." AWESOME........ but not really ;)

We'll a 2nd grader and her little sister from Idaho are stepping up to help out other kids with their lunch debt. Apparently schools are now holding tabs on kids and coming after them like debt collectors. So Amiah Van Hill from Hayden Meadows Elementary School in Idaho decided to open up a lemonade stand to pay off the debt for the kids at her school. Once she raised enough money she decided to go BIGGER and pay off the debt for all the kids in her district! SO COOL!

Check out their full story in the video below AND if you have the funds, please click HERE to help these girls out and their GoFundMe efforts!

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