What Would You Do IF Your Bank Made A $1 MILLION ERROR?

(Photo courtesy of Bloomberg / Contributor / Getty Images)

Imagine if you opened up your bank app and saw that your balance was OVER $1 MILLION!!! That's what happened to this 27 year old college student.

A student at a university in South Africa was given $1.08 million instead of her usual $108 monthly financial aid payment. This $108 is supposed to be used for her books and food, but when she saw that they made an error the 27 year old did what most college students would do.... spend the money on herself and her friends!

She threw parties, went on a few shopping sprees and about two months into dropping all that cash they FINALLY caught up to her! And now she may face theft charges and will have to pay the money back...

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Scuba Steve

Scuba Steve

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