America’s Creepiest Motel...The Clown Motel Is For Sale!

As a kid I was all about clowns, I thought they were funny and I loved their act. BUT as an adult.... NO THANKS! Especially with all those stories in the news about creepy clowns just hanging around for no reason. Yeaaaaaa, I'm good!

Well, in the middle of nowhere Nevada there is a clown motel that is up for sale! You could be the proud owner of this CREEEEEEEEPY establishment for only $900,000.

Oh and it your neighbors are great, in fact you'll never hear a word from them because....they're all dead! That's right, next door is a cemetery, fun! And some guests have said that the hotel is haunted, double fun!

Click HERE for the story and video about the iconic Clown Motel!

Below is a news report from a few years back that gives you a full look at the motel...

Scuba Steve

Scuba Steve

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