"Mother Of The Year" Goes NUTS And Destroys SUV With A HAMMER! AND...

....her kids are in the car!    Can you say "Mother Of The Year"...? HA! Yeaaaaaaa, not really.... A friend of mine posted this video to his IG account showing a women smashing allll of the windows, lights, and then some on what appears to be her baby daddy's SUV.

The worst part? HER KIDS ARE IN THE CAR! I'm not sure of WHY she did this? I can assume that maybe he cheated on her? Owes her some money? WHATEVER her issue is with the man, you shouldn't be doing this with your KIDS IN THE FREAKIN' CAR!

That's where she crossed the line, she endangered her kids. And for sure scared them for life...   

Check out the videos below that my friend Enrique posted to his IG account:

*WARNING! These videos are graphic!*


OH annnnnnd there's a PART 2!

Scuba Steve

Scuba Steve

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