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I'm the kind of person that when it comes to expiration dates.... I throw that stuff out the day before! Well, turns out I may be wrong on some food safety things.... FDA spokesperson Peter Cassell breaks down some myths and truths about food to help keep us all safe:

Rule #1: It's unsafe to drink milk past its sell-by date, even if it's just a day or two. Cassell says drinking milk past the sell-by date might be more of a taste issue than a safety issue. If it’s just a few days after the expiration date, just give it a sniff and you should be okay...

Rule #2: White discoloration on a chocolate bar means the chocolate has gone bad. It’s just fine to eat chocolate with grayish or white film on the chocolate, it’s most likely a “fat bloom” that happens when the cocoa butter fats separate from the cocoa.

Rule #3: Butter should be stored in the fridge, not at room temperature.

FDA spokesperson Peter Cassell says this one is true, leaving butter in warmer temperatures “puts it at risk of increased rates of oxidative rancidity” and that can make it taste bad.

Rule #4: All fruit and vegetables should be washed before eating. Produce can be contaminated in lots of ways, so unless it says “pre-washed” or “ready to eat,” you need to wash it.

Rule #5: Raw eggs will make you sick. Not necessarily, but you can’t tell if the egg is contaminated with bacteria, so always cook until the yolk is firm, just to be safe.... WELL THAT SUCKS! I like my yolk runny... :(

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