8 Things Guys Should Stop Doing By Age 30...

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I turned 31 a couple of weeks ago and when I saw this list.... I was like... WHAT?!? I'm waaaay behind, but at the same time? F*** this list hahahaha For fun, check out the eight things we should stop doing by the age of 30. Where do you stand with this list?

1- Eating Fast Food: I agree that when we reach 30 we should expand our taste buds and introduce some nice healthy meals here and there....... BUT why can't I order my double crunchwrap supreme from Taco Bell with extra sour cream and nacho cheese? What's wrong with that? HUH? ;)

2- Smoking: I never really had this problem, but once upon a time I DID smoke about a pack a week when I worked in landscaping back in the day. I only did it for about a year and then eventually quit because of how EXPENSIVE cigs cost!!!

3- Playing Video Games: I don't play video games, but I have a lot of friends who do and I think this is LAME! Why can't we play games past 30?! I enjoy watching my friends play and I don't see any issues with play video games as an adult.... UNLESS! You're in a relationship and you spend more time playing your games than you do hanging with your partner... ONLY THEN do I understand the frustration with playing games as an adult....

4- Living in Your Parents’ Basement: Ehhhhhhhhhh I'm also on the fence with this one.... Sometimes we have to come home if things don't go as planned OR we are trying to save up money for our future.

5- Binge Drinking: I get it, but every once in a while I like to have a drunken night... why not?!

6- Being Politically Clueless: I get this, as an adult you should be more aware of what's going on here on planet Earth...

7- Not Owning a Good Belt and Wallet: Yeah, I'm with them here...

8- Ghosting Women: I feel like guys should NEVER do this, regardless of your age. Man up and if you don't like someone or had a bad time on a date or not feeling it anymore.... Just be HONEST! It's so much easier that way....

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