Teen Won The Lottery TWICE In A Week!!!

(Photo courtesy of Anadolu Agency / Contributor / Getty Images)

My wife and I LOVE scratch off lottery tickets and we always buy a few here and there when we take road trips up to the Bay Area to visit family. BUT the most we've ever won is like most of you.... a ticket, $5, I think at the most we've won maybe $15...? Well, there is a 19 year old girl that won TWICE IN A WEEK!!!

Rosa Dominguez bought a $5 Power 5 scratch off ticket and won the grand prize of $555,555! Rosa said, “I was so nervous I just wanted to cry..." THEN a few days later, she bought a Lucky Fortune scratcher and that was a winner, too!!! This time for $100,000! So Rosa won $655,555 in a week! She says she plans to go shopping and to buy a new car! That is SO FREAKIN' COOL! Congrats Rosa!!!

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