#AYFKM?!? Chef Required To Serve Food To Puff Daddy During.....

(Photo courtesy of NBC / Contributor / Getty Images)

....the heat of the moment...yes s-e-x!    Well, this is all according to his female chef.... She is now suing Sean Diddy Combs for the following:

She claims that she had to “serve entrees and appetizers to him and his guests while Mr. Combs was engaged in or immediately following sexual activity.”

Diddy’s defense attorney filed paperwork declaring “Combs enterprises will not be extorted. The motives are clear: To threaten to slander and impugn the reputation of our client in the hopes of extracting a settlement.”

IF this were true, would it surprise you? The dude is worth an estimated $810 MILLION!!! When you have that kind of money you pretty much lose touch of reality and start doing stuff like.... having your chef feed your grapes during the moment of passion haha 

NOW IF this is NOT true, then obviously she's just trying to extort some cash out of Diddy annnnnnd that I'm not cool with.... What do y'all think?

Scuba Steve

Scuba Steve

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