Have You Seen This HELLA Confusing "Toddler Potty Cup"...?

(Photo courtesy of Thierry Monasse / Contributor / Getty Images)

Amazon is selling what is labeled on the site as "TRAVEL  AID Portable Emergency Urinal Toilet Potty For Baby Child And Kids Car  Travel And Camping And Toddler Pee Pee Training Cup For Boys." WORLD's LONGEST title for any item in the history of our world as we know it...... ;)

Click HERE to see the photos of the "portable potty" on Amazon.

Did you see the pics? HONESTLY what does it look like to you? It's suppose to be a portable potty, but to me it looks like a sippy cup! Right?!

I can only imagine the poor dad who asks his lady, "HEY! Is this Timmy's sippy cup?" she would say... "Is it warm?!".... dad says "YEAH!" mom goes, "wellllll then it's milk, hand it to lil Timmy!"

ONLY......its NOT his sippy cup, its his POTTY CUP!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh hahahaha ;)

What do you guys think?

Scuba Steve

Scuba Steve

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