#AmericanIdiot! What This Woman Did To Her Dog Will Make You HELLA MAD...

(Photo courtesy of JOSH EDELSON / Contributor / Getty Images)

Normally #AmericanIdiot makes me chuckle at people's stupidity, BUT today's has me HELLA MAD! Alice Evans is an IDIOT! The 61 year old women had a pet chihuahua named, Big John Evans. She said it nipped her on the hand, marking the third time her dog had bitten her this year. 

That's when Alice got mad and pulled Big John Evans' collar tight and held it...until the pup passed. Alice buried her dog in the backyard and went to the hospital to get the bite checked.

OH, gotta make sure that YOU are okay..... LAME!!! Eventually, she told medical professionals she killed the dog. Evans is now facing felony cruelty to animals charges

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