FEEL GOOD STORY! Company Donates Food To Those In Need...

(Photo courtesy of Waring Abbott / Contributor / Getty Images)

Have you ever worked in the food industry at a restaurant or a cafe and at the end of the day you had to THROW AWAY ALLLLLLL of the leftover food? And I'm not talking about the half eaten food from customers, we are talking about perfectly good food that's still edible and safe to eat.

I've always wondered WHY companies didn't donate the leftover food and instead they would just throw it in the trash... Why?! One of my friends gave me the lame excuse that the government/FDA wouldn't allow them to give away the food for health reasons.....LAME!!!

Well now Starbucks is FINALLY jumping on it and helping those in need! Check out this awesome video posted to Facebook talking about what they do with their food:

Scuba Steve

Scuba Steve

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