Packing Panic Is A Real Thing...

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A poll taken in the UK finds that a number of travelers suffer from “packing panic” because they can’t get everything they want into their luggage before a trip. I know that for me when it comes to packing I'm a MAJOR procrastinator! Let's say that my trip is on a Friday, I'll say to myself alllll week that I'm going to take Thursday night to pack and get everything lined up and ready to go that way I can bounce on Friday with no issues. But, Thursday night rolls around and I don't pack a THING and then Friday morning comes and I'm in a major rush and I forget about 10% of the stuff I needed/wanted to pack...... Yeaaaaaaah.

So here's what they found in the survey:

-20% of people admit they’ve had to reconsider what they packed after not being able to fit everything into their suitcase, another 20% have been forced to pay overage fees because their luggage was too heavy

-50% of people traveling say they’ve sat on their suitcase in order to get it to zip closed, while one in three people had to get some sort of help from someone else to get it to closed....   

Also, they found out HOW people pack their suitcase. What kinda packer are you?

-65% of people are “folders,” 25% say they are “rollers,” and 10% are “squishers” who just throw things in their suitcases. Meanwhile most people agree that shoes are the most difficult thing to pack, followed by coats and electrical items. I NEVER know what to do with shoes, I want to take 3-4 pairs, but my wife only allows me to pack ONE pair. LAME! Ha!

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