#AmericanIdiot! Teens On Summer Break Get Caught With A BUNCH OF...

(Photo courtesy of The Washington Post / Contributor / Getty Images)

...alcohol and drugs! A car full of teens were headed to Myrtle Beach from Virginia, they were driving down a major highway....SPEEDING and a NC state trooper pulled over the kids. When police searched the vehicle they found the following:

3.3 ounces of marijuana, 2.6 grams of cocaine, 18 liters of liquor, 50 liters of beer, drug paraphernalia and $3,600 in cash!!!

Their weekend trip was cut short and they were all arrested! I'll admit when we were younger we'd hit the road with some party materials, BUT we didn't speed... therefore we never got caught. The lesson here  in 2017? Take an Uber hahaha

Click HERE for the full story AND to check out the pics of all their goodies on display!   

Scuba Steve

Scuba Steve

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