#AmericanIdiot! Mousetrap FAIL!!! HA!

(Photo courtesy of ullstein bild / Contributor / Getty Images)

63 year old Nicholas from Bradenton, Florida was on his last nerve with a neighbor about stealing his mail. He was SURE that they were up to no good since they have a bad history of punking on him...

So Nicholas did the right thing and contact police about the mail theft, cops didn't do anything so he took matters in to his own hands! He set up a mousetrap inside his mailbox, figuring he would catch the crook red handed. 

Welllllllll unfortunately for him and his new mail carrier, she wasn't aware of his plan and the postal worker ended up getting her hand stuck in the trap! She didn't press charges, buuuuut now he won't be getting his mail delivered to his house anymore :(

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Scuba Steve

Scuba Steve

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