THANK YOU FOR COMING TO #KRABFree4All! (Click HERE For Your Pics & Videos)

Thanks for coming out #KRABFree4All on Friday at the Kern County Fairgrounds and a BIG THANKS to 51-50 Energy and Walker Lewis Rents for putting on this incredible event for you guys!

If y'all missed the show you can click HERE for a bunch of pics and I posted a video to my IG account showing a few quick clips from the event...

#KRABFree4All was AMAZING!!! Thanks again for coming out to see @grandsonsucks @theheydaze @stereocitizen @mondocozmo @missiomusic & @highlysuspect 🀘🏻

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The next few vids are from our IG account side stage and below that I posted a TON of pics and vids from YOU!

@theheydaze at Free 4 All!

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@stereocitizen !

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@mondocozmo !

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Creepin' on @highlysuspect

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Below are a BUNCH of pics and videos posted to y'alls IG and Twitter accounts from #KRABFree4All! Thanks again for tagging us and posting your stuff!

***IF I missed anyone's pics or videos from social it's either because your account is private and I can't post it.... OR I didn't see your pics/vids :( If so hit me up and tell me!!!

Yo the #krabfree4all never fails meπŸ™ŒπŸΌ @grandsonsucks really doesn't suck at all

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my second year in a row coming to krab free 4 all and they never disappoint. i had such a great time being out there and those bands were too much fun to listen and dance too. happy 10 year anniversary @krabradio ! until next year ❀️🀘🏻#krabfree4all

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A night @krabradio Free4all in Bakersfield. Meet & Greet with band members. #krabradio #krabfree4all #krabradio1061 #krabfreeforall #firstconcert #radreadreviews #relationships #friends #friendship #crazyreality #music #band

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Baby Girl second from the left @__.dezi.__ was so excited she got to do meet & greets with #theheydaze @theheydaze @krabradio #summerconcert #band #music #rockmusic #krabradio #krabfree4all #krabradio1061 #krabfreeforall #firstconcert

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Had fun with my friends the other dayπŸ˜ŠπŸŽΆβ€πŸ‘€πŸŽΈπŸŽ€ @krabradio #krabfreeforall #krabradio

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I love my @stereocitizen puppy shirt I bought yesterday at the KRAB Free 4 All 10 that supports the Bakersfield Animal Shelter! 🎀🐢 @krabradio #free4all10 #stereocitizen

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The love last night was unreal. If you've ever wondered what it's like to walk off stage after playing for thousands of people, just watch this. Thanks to @krabradio for having us last night, and consistently playing music I've been involved with over the past 10 years. On behalf of all of us in @stereocitizen , thank you so much for coming out and showing the love.

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Now, The Heydaze. #theyreprettyawesome #theheydaze #krabfree4all #krabradio1061

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Mother fuckin @highlysuspect #fuckyeah #the08orchestra #the08 #music #show #guitar #bass #drums @krabradio #mcid #meetandgreet

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Had the pleasure of lifting heavy stuff and thrusting beach balls at patrons for @stereocitizen last night. Check em' out, especially give the new #EP a listen, it's free. #KRAB #free4all #festival #10

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The man. The myth. The legend! #theheydaze #bands #krabradio1061 #free4all10

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#Bands #free4all10 #missio #krabradio1061

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Literally got to me my favorite band at the #freeforall2017 I love their music so so muchπŸ’• we were the first people to meet him at his first free for all I was so excited i almost cried and kept hugging him lol thanks @krabradio @grandsonsucks

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All 6 bands KILLED it but I couldn't post all so here is @missiomusic & @highlysuspect from the free for all πŸ€˜πŸ»πŸ˜„πŸ–•πŸ»#freeforall10 #KRABFree4All #krabradio @krabradio

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