Wonder Woman Was Freakin' AMAZING!!!

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My wife and I went to go see Wonder Woman over the weekend.... OH. MY. FREAKIN' GOD!!! Such an incredible movie!!!

I'll be straight with you, at first I wanted to see Gal Gadot for the obvious reasons... SHE'S HOTTTTT!!! But about halfway through the movie I found myself feeling bad for thinking she was "hot." Why? I had so much respect for Gal as Wonder Woman that I completely forgot how gorgeous she was and could only think about all the good she stood for, I know... WEIRD! haha

Another shocking twist to the movie was that it's a product of DC, I know that they have left a bad taste in a lot of viewers mouths...especially after "Suicide Squad." But you have to give this movie a chance, it's so incredible! The acting, costumes, the set, CGI, directing, producing, all of it was PHENOMENAL!

Check out this quick highlight vid that the movie posted to their Twitter account:


YES! It was the number one movie this past weekend pulling in $100 million! The closest movie to WW was "Captain Underpants" which pulled in a little over 23 million.

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