The AASM Says: "There's Danger In Binge-Watching..."

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WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) says that binge watching can be TERRIBLE for you the next day at work.

They say that you're in danger of suffering deteriorating “mood and cognitive abilities" and you're at risk of being “in a workplace accident or drowsy-driving crash."

The AASM has issued some tips to help you become a responsible binge watcher:

-Set an episode limit each night before you begin watching.

-Take a break between each episode to get out of the “auto-play” loop.

-To minimize the effects of brightly lit screens at night, use screen settings that filter blue light after sunset.

-Avoid using mobile devices while in bed...

-Turn off all screens at least 30 minutes before bedtime.

Click HERE for the full list and story!

AND!!! What shows are y'all binge watching? My wife and I are REALLLLLY in to a show on Netflix called "Trial & Error" with John Lithgow, we HIGHLY recommend it!

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