VIDEO: How To Get Out Of A Parking Garage...

This has happened to all of us at least ONCE in our lives. You're leaving a parking garage, the attendant is not there because it's late at night or early in the morning, you TRY to pay the fee to leave the garage.... BUT the machine either ONLY takes cash or ONLY takes debit/credit cards and you ONLY have the opposite of what it takes...   

This happened to me once back in 2010, I was trying to leave a garage and it ONLY took cash... REALLY?!? Who only takes cash?!? So I had to sit in the damn garage ALLLLLL night and sleep in my car till the next morning when I could get out with the  help of..... my mommy hahaha

One of our listeners, Darr aka @Chrrywvves on IG, posted this video on her account the other day and that's what sparked this conversation on the show. Check out the video she posted to her IG with her parking garage issue annnnnd her quick solution (keep in mind she TRIED to pay, but they didn't take her form of payment...annoying!) If ONLY I knew this back in the day haha

(WARNING! 18+ ONLY due to minor language in the video)

Scuba Steve

Scuba Steve

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