#AmericanIdiot! This Kid Can't Pass His Class, BUT He Can Sure Hack The System...

(Photo courtesy of Bloomberg / Contributor / Getty Images)

This kid out of my hometown of Orlando, Florida is stupid.......but yet smart? He goes to UCF and hacked into the school system to change his grade from an F to a B! His engineering professor became suspicious when he received an email from the school's electronic grade book thanking him for approving his grade roster after he'd already done so. 

So the teacher did some investigating and realized that Sami changed his grade!!! They did some digging and found the IP address which led back to Sami's PC, they issued a warrant for his arrest annnnnd yeaaaaa..... UCF stands for University of Central Florida, but it also stands for "U Can't FINISH!"   

Click HERE for the full article.

Scuba Steve

Scuba Steve

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