Linkin Park Album Release Party Last Night!!! #OneMoreLight

Late yesterday I got an email inviting me to the album release party with Linkin Park at our iHeartTheater in LA!!! If the 16 year old me knew this day was coming I would NOT  have been able to wait....

They did some new tracks off the new album and a BUNCH of old songs. It was REALLY cool to see Mike, Chester and the guys from LP reacting to all of their fans going NUTS over their music. You would think for as long as they've been making music they'd be over it.... NOPE! They acted like this was their first album and we were the first people to hear of Linkin Park. VERY...VERY humble and such a cool experience!

I posted a few quick clips to my Twitter account, check em' out!

"In The End"


Here's a clip of their new track "Good, Goodbye"


And below I put together a bunch of clips from last night, check out the IG video below:

Scuba Steve

Scuba Steve

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