SHOCKING VIDEO! Girl Pulled Into Water By Sea Lion...

Y'all may have seen this CRAZY video on the internet over the weekend, BUT in case you haven't check out the video posted below to our IG account:


If you are the parent of this child your instant reaction has to be... "AHHHHHHH!!! WHAT?! WHY?!?"

BUT turns out officials are saying that the parents are at fault. According to some professionals online they are saying that the parents should have NOT had the daughter sitting close to the edge of the dock, especially with her dress hanging over. AND.... AND... they are saying that the sea lion came around earlier and nipped at the girl when she was sitting on the edge, so for the parents to NOT take action and have their child move away from the edge of dock is their fault.

Click HERE for the full story!

Scuba Steve

Scuba Steve

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