#AmericanIdiot! "Mother Of The Year" Puts Baby Up For Sale...

(Photo courtesy of Peter Dazeley / Contributor / Getty Images)

A 22 year old mother from Pennsylvania put her daughter up for sale. Now, you're probably asking yourself... "what's the going rate for a baby these days?"

Great question, $1,700... Turns out trying to sell your baby is not a good thing? And now she's in some SERIOUS trouble! Click HERE for the full story!

All kidding aside, IF you ever find yourself in a situation where you can't afford your child, can't keep it, having a hard time, whatever the reason may be... I know this seems strange and maybe something you'd see in a movie, but take your child to the fire department! No joke, I have friends that are firefighters and they will gladly take your child from you and make sure he/she gets the proper care and attention without judging your decision. So rather than sell your baby on the black market, give it a real shot by giving your child to the right people. :)

Scuba Steve

Scuba Steve

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