Woman Spent 3 Nights With A Man, She Got Pregnant And....

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...SEVEN YEARS LATER she is still trying to figure out who the baby daddy is...

After a long three night stay at a hotel with a "mystery man," a woman in Germany got pregnant and wants to find the father.

She took the hotel to court to try and force them to give her the name of her baby daddy so she could get child support

The court denied the woman because they said it would breach the privacy of four men with that name who were there during that time...

WOW! What do you guys think? I feel like they should contact all four men, have them take a DNA test and then help this lady out... BUT REALLY if you think about it, you're helping out that child. The child deserves to know his/her daddy.

What are your thoughts? Please hit me with your comments, all of my contact info is below... Thanks!

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