Takkarist McKinley Dropped An F-BOMB On LIVE TV!!! BUT For A DAMN Good Reason, Watch...

(Photo courtesy of Elsa / Staff / Getty Images)

Last night if you missed the draft, you really didn't miss much.... BUT you did miss Takkarist McKinley! Regardless if you're a fan of the game or not, you'll LOVE THIS GUY!

Check out the video that was posted to Twitter showing him hit the stage carrying a photo of his grandmother on draft day. So must emotion and passion, watch:


Below is a video posted to Twitter that shows the MAJOR passion he has, so much that he CURSED ON LIVE TV!!! HA! Watch:


We all have that person that pushes us and gives us so much passion to pursue our dreams. For Takk it's his grandmother, for me it's my Papa. He MADE ME and gave me the drive to push hard each and everyday... Who is it for you?

Also, below is a video that Takk posted to his Twitter account and this basically shows who he is and the man behind the jersey. Watch:

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Scuba Steve

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