Guy Found His Girl in Bed With Another Dude, So He...

(Photo courtesy of Bloomberg / Contributor / Getty Images)

...GOT THEM BACK GOOOOOOOD!!! When Duston Holloway found his girl in bed with another guy, he walked away without doing anything crazy... BUT he didn't leave the house before snapping some photographic evidence!

Long story short, Duston came home and found his girlfriend sleeping with another guy beside her in bed. Apparently, they were so wasted that they had no idea he was there. Instead of getting upset, Duston started taking photos of the unfaithful….which went viral!

I found Duston's Facebook profile, it appears that he has taken down the photos... BUT I found them online ;) Click HERE to see the awkward photoshoot!

Below is one of Duston's posts from his FB page post the incident:

Scuba Steve

Scuba Steve

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