#AmericanIdiot! Man Get's A DUI With His Drunk Chihuahua...

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This story really pisses me off! Normally I like to sit back and laugh at these idiots, but this one got me going...

Thomas, a 44 year old man from Pittsburgh was charged for a DUI when he slammed his SUV into a pole. In that car was his dog Maxwell, a chihuahua, who was also buzzed. 

The pup had lapped up vodka that had spilled from a bottle of Smirnoff that had been in Thomas' lap. Maxwell spent the night at the vet, but has recovered from his alcohol poisoning. Aside from his DUI charge, Thomas now also faces charges for animal cruelty, criminal mischief, careless driving, and making terrorist threats after he threatened to kill multiple cops...

NOW, why am I so upset? It involves this guy and people who think its "funny" to blow smoke in their pets face... WELL, IT'S F***ING NOT!

Think about it... your dog/cat/pet can NOT communicate with you on if they are enjoying the "high." SO... DON'T DO IT!  Most pets are not a fan of the ganja like you are... Keep it in your lungs and not in there's. Thanks!

BTW, click HERE for the full story!

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