Married Couple Trying For A Baby Finds Out They Are RELATED...

(Photo courtesy of Bloomberg / Contributor / Getty Images)

And that's not the WORST part of the story.......

First lets start from the beginning, the unnamed couple first met back in college. They both had a lot in common, they both had parents that passed away, they were both adopted, shared a ton of interests. So they started dating, got married and NOW they are trying for a baby.

Turns out they are having a hard time trying for a baby, so they wanted to try in vitro fertilisation. One of the steps is taking a DNA test. Once they got back the results the doctor was SHOCKED when he saw that they were RELATED!

BUUUUUUUT not only are they related...... they are BIOLOGICAL TWINS!

How in the HELL would you handle something like this? Click HERE to check out the full story!

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